Moments in Zurich
August 26, 2014

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Traveling  through  my favorite moments in Zurich, beginning with a walk along the clear, green river and pedestrian street, in search of an outdoor cafe for lunch. This on our way to the Lake, the stunning stained glass church windows by Chagall  and the Old Town cobblestone streets.

The river is gloriously clear and inviting, with swimmers breast- stroking their way along in the most relaxing fashion, just stroking the morning along with a little exercise.

The  lake water here is potable and available to everyone in the numerous fountains dotted all around the city. People can be seen filling up their water bottles as they pass by, and the water, by the way, is delicious beyond belief –not polluted, not treated– just free and available to everyone.


July 15, 2014

imageSince returning from 5days in Switzerland and a Rhine River cruise I have been 100% into de-stressing.  Unpacking in slow motion, watering and feeding my forlorn looking plants and annuals, cleaning and polishing windows, swimming once again– finally–and working on two sadly incompleted knitting projects, are easing me back into sanity and balance.

Flying into a new time zone and living on pure excitement are physically depleting to say the least, however well worth it in the end, even after feeling under the weather for days.



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