patio garden

My puttering is my gardening–my way to get my hands dirty and have some control over life’s arrangements–although that’s not what typically happens. When I can get into tune with nature it’s evidenced in my little garden failures…..and those rare successes, and what I’ve learned from each of them.

Listing todos for next year:   (1) Keep the Anemone propped up early–use sturdy supports!   (2)Plant Cosmos! (3) Choose only hot pinks and deep purple and deep violets Impatiens next year. What a stunning combination! (4) Peat, peat, and more peat! and lay it down early. (5) Add a couple more rhodies and Azaleas and move lilies. (6) Take more area pictures for future reference.

2011: Finished Patio garden,  moved lilies and added Rhodies and Azaleas, cleaned out weakened plant clumps and old undersized Hosta, enjoyed plentiful and magnificent Hydrangias, and cut most of them for indoor display–lovelier than ever, and wonderfully scented.  In short, dug myself silly.


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