The dream team

Haven’t done anything here to create a dog patch, but added this because my Dalmatians over the years have had such an incredible influence over my life, and given me such a wide range of travel and training experiences–and of course, love and companionship as well! The name Dalmatiandigs is very much reflective of all that has been central to my writing and to my teaching writing,  and to the way the Dalmatians have dug their way into my heart, and even entertained me with their Plants-Are-Us antics!!

The original dream team.   Zoe 1991-2oo4,  Clancy 1992-2

005, Yoyo 1987-2002,  Tecumseh 1991-2002,   Abi 1989-1993.

Kelsi followed in 1993-2007 and Fargo in 1995-2010.

Tanner and Mathilda(Tillie) are our new additions. We’re going to call Tanner’s birthday May 10, 1995, 5 years from the day he came to us, and Tillie was born on July 7, 2010.

See Tanner’s page in blog published in early July with his role in 101 Dalmatians.


3 Responses

  1. Sounds good to me… hopefully hitting the beach tomorrow. My brother lives in Ipswich so Cranes Beach is free.

  2. what a lovely bunch of dogs you have !!!!!

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