Revisiting the Danube and Prague



There are so many simple  pleasures in revisiting a place and seeing it in a more distilled light, with a refreshing eye, and with a completely different seasonal hue. Try if you are able The Paris Hotel and  its scrumptious tasting menu, as well as our old favorite, The Blue Duck, discovered one winter evening on a remote, hidden cobblestone lane, where reservations are a must.

Little did I realize that iced coffees are served with whipped cream and or ice cream until we rested at a bakery/cafe in Budapest, then in Vienna and again in the Austria Lake District. And so I came to expect this afternoon fix in Prague when we settled in a charming outdoor cafe surrounded with potted Japanese Willow trees and low walls dotted with boxes of sweet flowering plants– tall scented Lavender, Salvia, and hot pink Guara buzzing with rays of afternoon sunshine and busy bees.

My Asthma and a sudden case of Pneumonia may have slowed me down but only enhanced my love of the place and the need to breathe fresh air and walk as far as possible, more determined than ever not to miss this outrageously beautiful place and its people.




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