Lost in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is an easy city to get lost in, and lose ourselves we did. It’s easy to understand why. The cathedral alone is intoxicating both inside and out and possesses an amazing magnetic draw. It’s simply hard to walk away from. The canals likewise, lined with stonework and filled with the city’s watery reflections  are immensely alluring.  All else, including the pedestrian cobblestone shopping streets, the busy plazas and an enormous, age old carousel, seem to pale by comparison.

But what really did it to us was the tiny, hidden gelato shop on a short, lower level canalside walkway leading to a steel bridge. There, we ordered  paper cups full of hazelnut/mocha and fell into a heavenly state of oblivion as walked along the waterway.

By the time we realized we had no idea where we were it was too late to find and reach our destination, so despite walking at full tilt we missed our connection and found ourselves in a taxi, reaching the river boat just before the evening meal.

Losing ourselves was only temporary but definitely something we should work at doing more often.




Interior of churc

Interior of church

Stronghold gates

Stronghold gates



Strasbourg's central plaza

Strasbourg’s central plaza





3 Responses

  1. I really love all your photos, especially those of the canals. I know I would love the cathedrals. You will love those in Prague and I can imagine you will love Russian architecture too. Eastern France may be where we go next year when we take the Rhein river cruise since we end up in Germany.

    • We took the Rhine River Cruise with AMAwaterways this past spring, beginning with 3 days in Zurich and 3 in lucerne, ending in Amsterdam–absolutely amazing! You will fall madly in love! Heidelberg and Strasbourg are mesmerizing. Paula

      • I saw your comment about your cruise. So the rivers have gained water level, that is great. I bet the Markets are lovely. I wish I would have seen more of them open.

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