Relax and walk

Port of entry

Port of entry


Eating out

Eating out


West Church

West Church

imageThere are lovely, less traveled areas of Amsterdam that one only needs to walk to to find. No hubbub here. Just the streets, canals lined with houseboats and occasional bicyclists breezing by. There are delightful and remote restaurants with superb food and in these we had our best meals. Here, too, is where we found a wonderful, hidden little hotel with stunning courtyard gardens and a gallery of rare and beautiful artwork. The restaurant here was another superb find.

Walking through Amsterdam is the best means of really exploring this very charming and unique city.

Anne Frank

Anne Frank

imageTraveling through Amsterdam’s very quiet Jordaan neighborhood on foot  is a must. There is a pleasant stillness here that is not typical of Amsterdam’s more central city locations. This is true of of most of the canal zones near the Jordaan, as well.

History rings from every corner and reminds one of  the city’s origins and geographical charm.

My advice to anyone visiting Amsterdam, breeze through the rest of the city on a tram or canal boat tour, if you must, but see the museum district and the Jordaan and adjacent neighborhoods on foot. You will be ever so glad you did.


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  1. Lovely. We had no time in Amsterdam. Just a place to land the plane. 😦

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