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the steep hillside

the steep hillside and funicular

St Mathias Cathedral

St Mathias Cathedral

Fishermen"s Bastian

Fishermen”s Bastian

View from Pest

View from Buda

St Mathias Cathedral and the Fishermen’s Bastion are spectacularly set on a steep hill that  overlooks Pest which stretches as far as the eye can see.

A funicular (a cable car) climbs the steep terrain and appears to be great fun to ride, and speaking of geography, a tunnel is burrowed into the mountainside that houses an apartment where the family of the Chain Bridge keeper  lived  in the days  of yore.  Castles and fortresses are nestled everywhere into hillsides for protection against invaders.  Every moment of history lives on here.

Every stone, every step, every tile is attached to the distant past. So I am feeling rich beyond measure and it’s overwhelming. Who can sleep in a city so saturated and alive with history?

I sleep briefly after returning to the ship in Esztergom. And after  the most sublime,  delectable dinner and dessert I have had in a long time, I sleep again………but only  ’til the wee hours.


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