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the Parliament illuminated the Parliament illuminated

View from Pest

View from Pest


Recently, I’ve been blogging in emails to myself, an easier way to keep track of my life, which no longer seems to be about gardening, but much anticipated traveling and the study of travel, which in itself is exciting and all mind consuming.

Bundled up in our warmest clothes, with the wind dying down, the 40 degree temperatures felt absolutely balmy on the upper deck as we took in the glowing, wintery city from the river on our illumination cruise. The Budapest Parliament is especially breathtaking, though its beauty is stunning during the daylight hours even more so as the architectural styles and detail are mesmerizing.

The upper deck is outfitted with huge wicker sofas and blankets, and cordials and more champagne are served throughout the hour long sail. I am giddy with travel.

Early in the morning, say, 3:30 am, I am awake on the riverboat,  AMACerto, and anticipating the day in Budapest and feeling I am never going to get back to sleep. Writing to myself on my ipad is one way to remain sane and not lie there adrift in thought. Also a way of daily record keeping.image

“Okay everyone, it must be morning somewhere in the world, I wrote at  3am, as I wonder  why I have slept for only 5 hours since leaving Boston the night before last.  I’m physically in another time zone and trying to discover where I might be. All is very dark and quiet here.  Strange how the sensations of exhilaration and exhaustion can produce such a rush of adrenalin.

Here the Parliament sits on the riverfront in all its glory, a most gorgeous creation. While visiting the steep hillside of Buda at the Fishermen’s Bastion and  St. Matthew’s Cathedral early in the morning  the view is even more striking. And, yes, I am still awake and humming along.


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