Window box color

grape hyacynth in full glory

grape hyacynth in full glory

blood root at its very best

blood root at its very best

a fava fav

polka dotspolka dots

swamp marigolds unfoldingswamp marigolds unfolding

folk art violas and allysumfolk art violas and allysum

tiny grape hyacythtiny grape hyacynth

upright Daffodilsupright Daffodils

window box  Violas

window box Violas

breezy polkadots

breezy polkadots

picking Daffodilspicking Daffodils sideways

Finally………some Violas and a splash of color on the other side of the window. We’re into late April and the grass is greening up and the trees are in bud. Such a lovely sight when those buds first appear.  Just sitting in the sun is such a treat, which is what the kids and I will do this afternoon, and wandering around the circle looking for a few Daffodils which our neighbor planted in abundance many years ago in a wooded area before she moved to Nevada. Picking them– a few here and there –gives me great pleasure.

Cleaning up the garden beds has kept me occupied, even in the cold cloudy weather, as I look for perennial seedlings poking through the dry soil. Little Scilla and Polka Dot plants are blooming and today the Swamp Marigolds which threaten to take over the north forty are opening.

2 Responses

  1. All so beautiful! I especially enjoyed the sunny daffodils!

  2. I love your Dalmatian planter, so darn cute.

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