Twilight walks and other wintery scenes


More light, calmer days  and longer twilight walks.  Climbing the hill opens up a world of sky as sunset spreads across the horizon.  Tanner gallops at full speed down through the snowy field , and we both luxuriate in the calm twilight before we walk on.

The added snow just acts as a brightener and  insulator.  Even the pond water is warmer with a cover of snow.  With the bubbler running and the water lights, it almost looks like spring beneath the bubble wrap. The fish continue to hibernate deep below the surface. Their colors glow through the clear, deep water.  Now is the time to add more and more  fresh water as the season warms up.


3 Responses

  1. I agree, let the snow build for spring garden watering. It looks pretty in the garden now though!

  2. Every season in your garden is so beautiful!

  3. I am appreiacting the extra hours of light as the days lengthen as well. This morning I noticed more bird song. Hopefully spring is not too far away now.

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