Fishing Around

The ornamental pond fish have not only made it through the winter, they’ve thrived all summer, requiring only occasional feedings and lots of fresh water and moderate plant cover.  The huge Shubunkin and his gold fish buddies have almost doubled in size and there may even be young ones hiding among the plants. They’re more visible as they grow into adults.  The pond is quite small but deep enough to keep the hibernating fish alive throughout our frigid winters. It was meant to be a winter pond only for that purpose but has become their  year round home.

Another successful digging project of some 5 years ago with modifications and additions along the way to ensure running water, aeration  and  proper insulation permitting the warmth of the sun to penetrate the surface.  The water is never treated, just freshened with well-water provided by a garden hose. By not over-feeding and allowing the pond to overflow occasionally,  the water remains fresh and never stagnates. 


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  1. How relaxing that must be!

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