August Hums

Everything has begun to hum out there–at once a soft steady chirping that heightens with each passing day. The air begins to thrum and whine as summer winds up…..or  down, if you like.   Stirred by the pulsing background  music, the child in me rises up and stretches back into the cape nights where I lay awake and listened, wishing only that it might last forever.  Nantucket memories and late blooming flowers also come to life in me as August hums along.

5 Responses

  1. Beautiful flowers!

  2. Lovely! We tried to plant a hydrangea earlier this season. They were a big favorite of ours in southeastern Virginia. Sadly, they do not fare well in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    • We visited New Mexico again last year and enjoyed a wonderful Albuquerque restaurant one evening–also Santa Fe. Also lived in lush northern Va for a few years. I love succulents so envy your dilemma. A dried bouquet would be perfect. In the meantime thanks for your comment and enjoy your local beauties on my behalf. Paula

  3. The rains we have had in the past few days have definitely brought out the noise-makers in the evenings. Insects, toads and frogs make for quite a lively evening chorus just now.
    Hydrangeas are a favourite of mine in August. Bees and wasps hover over them all day long. Best of all, butterflies love to swoop in to visit them.

    • Yes, I’ve noticed so many humming things, Humming birds and butterflies in particular, as well as honey bees and other flying insects. They are so plentiful this summer–can’t remember seeing so many, and so close. Have you ever had a hummingbird fly directly into the spray as you water? The refraction of sunlight in moving water must attract them–so entertaining to watch. Enjoy all that remains of the season!

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