An afterthought

Nasturtiums–always  an afterthought– float in my mind’s eye at the very edge of  possibility. Nasturtiums take their place at last on the long list of garden obsessions, a packet of seeds or a few starter sprouts, and wait out my first flush of excitement for the coming season.  The seeds pop in their own good time, unevenly at best, and far too few.  And so the watch begins. As July rounds the bend the very first velvety blooms appear among long, listing stems and perfectly rounded parasol leaves.  And the bowl is full, like  yeast rising.   Stirrings of Nasturtiums, at last.

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  1. Reblogged this on Dalmatiandigs's Blog and commented:
    I shared some of these with my sister, Wendy, who lives on the cape. She found them irresistible, and I love nothing more than to share my favorites.

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