Dalmatian Antics–My 101 Dalmatian Musical lawnmower dog

Tanner (standing in the middle) pushed the lawnmower in the 101 Dalmatian Musical which toured the country in 2009. He was abandoned in SC, without a name, and was full of Heartworm. After supportive care and a long ordeal of healing he went to the musical training team and then travelled extensively with them. The group who trained him in Orlando,Fl flew him to Harriburg, Pa where we met him along with two warm and wonderful SWVA rescue people. He’s been thriving here for 2 years and we love him dearly!  (see utube 101 Dalmatians Musical/Tanner).

Dalmatiandigs's Blog

Tanner seems to be expanding his world daily and making more and more mischief as his familiarity with the neighborhood increases on his off-leash walks.

At dusk yesterday,  he wandered down our long driveway  and down the street for what appeared to be his effort to take himself on a his wished for walk up the hill.   Fortunately, our young neighbor was returning home,  walking her bike up the steep hill from a local job in town,  and he linked up with her,  following her  to her driveway,  and then up to her  house,  and whimpering all the way.  What was he thinking…………………..such a silly dog.  And apparently that was the second time………is it possible he’s going out to meet Sophie and knows exactly what time to leave for their rendezvous………….

He is also picking up the books from my bedside table and carrying them off………one  library book in…

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