Bee Balm and Lilies

Clouds of Bee Balm and Lily buds are about to explode with color and every day is another vision.   I examine their individual structures everyday now, wandering around, noticing every new burst of growth, every new stem, each and every sign of a coming blossom.  These are the everyday  pleasures of a gardener immersed in the garden…the longing for the slightest promise of a bloom, the unexpected surprise…..the ripe green sprout, the ethereal Poppy,  the fat Iris pod.  All to be likened to the appearance of the bluebird, the longing for the Wood Thrush’s song,  the companionship of the Catbird,  the Humming Bird which is so attracted by the spray of water from the hose that it will hover within feet of my gaze.

Like the delicate Iris blooms that so quickly appeared and faded and made way magically for many more, when days before there were no visible signs of blooms and very little hope for any,  there always remains a shred of hope in the gardener.

The small deep pond where the fish over-wintered……….and the pond plants to give them a bit of cover.

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