Plodding through the garden

So much to dig and to plant and unplant……..hardly know where to begin.  Edging gardens today and pulling weeds, broke down one garden box which leaves only one for greens, the rest for grass.  Perennials to plant tomorrow and a pretty, deep red leafed shrub which is just coming into bloom outside our narrow, floor to ceiling bedroom window.  Lots of buds on the lilies just beyond the window will add to the color.  The scents of alyssum  and climbing Honey Suckle are arresting at the front door.  Then begin the weeding and think about watering………………

I once wished for Forget -Me -Nots……..and  masses of Forget-Me -Nots are what I’ve been granted.  Wondering what I should wish for next.

Myosotis is a genus of flowering plants in the family of Boraginaceae that are commonly called  Forget-Me-Nots, from the French,  ne m’oublier pas, and first spoken in English in 1532.


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