City of Inspiration

Look into the distance where in every direction there is breathtaking beauty.   The long, long walk to the Jefferson Memorial  around the Tidal basin on a bright but extremely windy day  is bitterly cold,  ( much, much easier not to have ventured all the way around). The view far across the Tidal basin is amazing enough.  Seen at a distance,   these wonders are above and beyond what otherwise would be their imposing nearness.  Not nearly as  impressive up close,  viewing them from afar is vastly more inspiring.

While sitting on a bench, out of the wind, with the memorial shimmering in the distance, a funeral of nearly 500 police cars and motorcycles passed us by on the way over the Potomic,, honoring a fallen 40 year old officer who died responding to a call there.

Never having realized the importance of viewpoint until reading the book “The Most Beautiful Walk in the World,” in which the streets of Paris and the importance of  knowing where to look and from what vantage point, seeing is often a thoughtless and almost automatic function.  This book is a clarifying vision of what is possible as you wander the streets in any city.


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