Night Garden All Aglow

Soft, low lighting for the winter patio garden,  solar lamps placed intermittently in and around shrubs that will reflect shapes in the snow.  Will be working on the lighting arrangement for quite some time, finding a little something here and a little something there.  Solar lighting is far betwixt and between in this season, but perhaps some holiday lighting is in order. Mushroom lights are always a possibility. Garden projects in the early  winter are up lifting and reassuring.

Pine needle and leaf clean-up and pruning are finished for the season, and the patio is swept clean. The pond is covered, and the garden is looking settled for a long winter’s nap.  A small lighted reindeer with huge ears placed in the garden is very striking.  A small tree for the kitchen will add to the festive mood, which can be difficult to muster if the little ones are not about.   This is the year to sort through holiday decorations and lights and deconstruct.  Reorganizing always feels satisfying. It’s time to simplify and create new traditions in doing so. Traveling to Wash. DC on Christmas day, after spending Christmas eve with special friends and family, has been the most spiritually uplifting change. Life requires constant adaptation to changing circumstances. And a reverential look at the past which has brought us to this place.


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