Treasure hunt

Sadie learning to post

It’s another treasure hunt.   Tillie’s fence collar is out there somewhere,  lost again.  Only this time seems gone forever.  The search has been on for weeks and not a leaf on the nearly two acres–much of it wooded–has been left unturned………over and over and over  again.  Doesn’t look like it’s going to magically appear either.  Strange how life goes on without it. She seems perfectly happy to stick around and only wants to leave when one of us ventures out  for a walk without her. So now she wears Tanner’s collar most of the time or is collarless.  Weeks have gone by without a trace of it………and it’s red!

At this point we have stopped looking–it just seems pointless.  Perhaps it will turn up one of these days.  Half  expected  Tillie to find it herself as she did last winter when it was lost in the snow.  Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see her come tearing into the house carrying  it in her mouth as she so often does with her toys.


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