Tillie’s projects abound

Tillie’s log

Our little sprite is always hard at work on her many projects.  Digging craters in the driveway is especially hard work and there’s also the wide hole in the front grass that requires daily attention. If she speeds fast enough around the house she can also add to the scuff marks in the grass which continue to grow larger every day, especially as she skids around the corners.   There is nothing like making the grass fly beneath your feet.  And emptying her toy box and distributing everything around so that there will always be a toy to pick up and run with is also important work.  With all of the shredded stuffed things and road kill toys, and a huge variety of bones and toughies as well as my shoes and notebooks, there’s plenty to spread around throughout the house and all across her north forty..  Then there are the transplanting projects and the peach and cucumber socials to attend to.  One cannot ever have enough of these.  Sharing a fallen peach with Tanner is just as sweet as it gets……or a giant cucumber….even better.


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