Ponds/click on frog

The ponds are looking healthy and oh so pretty.  The frogs are everywhere but especially love the little floating rafts of Water Lettuces.   An 8 ”  Calico fish has been in this pond for years, while his little Comet and Calico buddies are new this summer.  All 7 fish (the 4 in the larger pond and the 3 in the smaller pond) will winter over in this tiny heated pond which is nestled in close to the house and  deep enough not to freeze all the way through.  This was a summer digging project of years ago that has matured over time and taken on its very own very seasoned charm.  The specially shaped rocks come from all over the Berkshires (hand picked) and the broken shells from Nantucket and the Cape. There is no filter–only a bubbler–and the pond is flooded with well-water at least three times a week to keep the water fresh and well-aerated.  The patio project has spilled out of the pond and arbor projects. They grow like topsy out of an attempt at a bit of sanity in the midst of life’s craziness.  Books and dogs and gardens (and Sadie and Oliver, especially)  keep the senses  within well-oiled and running smoothly.

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