Robin fledglings

Cape Hydrangea

The baby Robins in a nest on top of the arbor jumped the nest on Friday and appear to be gone.  I guess this is what they do as they mature and become ready to fly. The experts say it takes them 2 or 3 days to learn to fly.  In the meantime they hop around and practice spreading their wings.  One of these fledglings did just that on the brick patio, jumping from chair to chair.  They have to learn how to hunt for grub too, and try to avoid predators.   Not sure if the parent birds stick around to help or just skip town.

Rain, rain,  heavenly rain, bring it on and keep it coming.  The daily watering is such a chore, and much of what needs it most isn’t getting it.  Only these heavy downpours can fulfill the watery requirement and replenish the stream and  ground water.


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