Water, water, water

Roxanne perennial Geraniums

Add plenty of water it says on all planting instructions…….but this is turning into a major effort,  and  within hours everything is bone dry.  The sprinkler works well but Tillie has decided it is a toy and belongs to her. The last one was without a plastic sprayer the last time I checked, chewed down to the metal attachment.  The new one must be put away after each use or it too will turn up chewed to bits.

Time to get started on pond work.  The larger pond has been totally neglected and the plants that give it so much charm are now mixed in with weeds and grass.  It’s a time consuming chore.  The  Cranesbill  Geraniums are surprisingly pretty and  blooming gloriously.  This area too needs to be watered regularly even when there are intermittent downpours.  Looks like there will be no heavy or steady rain for quite some time to come.  The watering projects are endless.  And when that is done every couple of days, the houseplants are all calling out as well,  “water, water, water……over here, more water please.”

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