Perennial Geraniums

Perennial Geraniums have grown to be a favorite here.  They do not require full sun, (it says here in fine print)  but then why they are looking so leggy in places.  Maybe more fertilizer is required, maybe more sun.  The place is filling with them and they are all different species.  The Cranesbill and the Johnson’s Blue are the leggiest of all.   The Roxannes are the most laden with flowers.  It may be time to fool with other species as well– they make the most terrific creeping ground cover and the blues and purples are the deepest, richest colors imaginable.

Time to pick out a few new lilies and deep red  Cone Flowers to add to the front perennial garden which is looking more colorful than ever with all of the added Hydrangea and Japanese Willow–such a variety of hues and unusual shades of whites, lovely blended  pinks/purples/blues,  and greens and silvery grays.  The Spirea is also very intense this year–another big job to prune back after the blooms are spent but well worth the effort  (these usually rebloom after pruning).  Much pruning is needed on the Rose Hips as well, and weeding.  Come to think of it, there is enough pruning to be done out there to keep the clippers clipping  all summer long.  Too bad they don’t work alone. Sore hands are needed to guide them.


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