Summer chores–the end is in sight.

The end is in sight.  The new garden is planted, the mulch is laid down, and the tough digging is done. A Japanese Willow, a Viburnum, a Lilac, a small compact Holly, and a red Rhodi will make for a colorful winter garden as well, with lots of shapes and graceful arching branches, as well as winter greenery.  This garden feels like a super accomplishment with all of the attendant digging and heavy lifting, and deeply satisfying as well. The brickwork has been an artistic challenge  and draining physical work to boot.  The Blueberry patch is rounded out and topped with sweet peat.  A Spiderwort is also a beautiful addition to the perennial Iris and Snow in Summer.A few more of these would even be more eye-catching. Deep purple Lisianthus has been added to a decorative pot on the patio along with white Bacopa and cherry red Superbells–a pretty and festive combination.   Also splurged on a large Maiden Hair Fern that is dressing up the table  (hope this will winter over inside).

Although nothing is ever done, upkeep on this area should be minimal.  Perfectly flat stones that have been hauled up and lifted out of the ground will make ideal  accents in among the shrubs.  Another boulder has been unearthed and is waiting for the brute strength of some help to be lifted out.   The bedroom deck is yet to be scrubbed and the front deck needs  sweeping. An endless cycle of cobwebs and dust.  Deadheading and pruning now become the task at hand.


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