Tillie’s Traffic

Flowering Crabapple

We now have a new dog door especially made by Tillie for Tanner. She walked through the patio door screen, opening a corner flap. Tanner seems to know and understand all about such things and uses it as if it were always there. Now the front door is open all day, too, and they can push open that screen door also and exit at leisure.  They go out the front door, run around back and  enter through the screen flap,  and when they see me out front again,  they push the screen door open and end up on the front deck–just where they came from.

Everything now is about being outside and either lying in the sun or dragging logs around or trying to eat fertilizer. It has become necessary to make “tea” with my Plant-Tone organic fertilizer and douse each plant rather than risk the licking and digging that goes on if something smells tasty and delectable.

New perennials are going in, while some are being transplanted, lime, fertilizer and peat are being spread, and the Bridal Bouquet is at its most glorious. It feels like the heat of summer is upon us.


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