Back to reality

Grape Hyacinths

Back to reality if there is such a thing.  Perhaps my last National Dalmatian event ever–the next one too far away and the following year a stretch, unless one of Tillie’s litter-mates is specialed over the next two years. But what fun to see everyone that I only have the opportunity to see twice a year at most. And to see Winnie and Alex perform so beautifully in their classes. And Daisy winning the top twenty!  Very little sleep, very little good food, too much coffee and wine, and 32 hours total driving time,  but oh so worth it.   But what do I love best? All those Dals in one place—I love them every one!!  Tillie loved them too, and all of the wonderful people who loved and socialized with her. She had the time of her life!  Camaraderie to the nth degree.

During this week interim the trees have leafed out, the Daffodils have fully opened, the Myrtle, Polka Dot plants, Sweet Woodruff and Grape Hyacinths are all blooming, and there are pretty violas, pansies, and Sweet Alyssum  for sale at the Co-op.  Spring at last!!


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