March is melting away

A sad little Crocus reaching out for April

March is melting  away, reluctantly at best, but it still continues to be so bitter cold and windy.  Have covered the pond again and haven’t removed the disc heater.  Nighttime temps have been in the single digits once again.  The only warm place is in the sun in the living room or occasionally on the front deck where it is protected from the wind. This is where  Tillie and Tanner and I sit to absorb the sunshine, and later in the afternoon in the dining room where I have a jigsaw puzzle  in process,  and they stretch out behind me in the sun.  Coincidentally,  in the middle of this puzzle sits a very pale yellow sun of giant proportions,  the only completed image so far.

The snow is still very widely spread out across the front gardens and grass where it is slow to melt in the shade,  but there are stretches of  grass dappled with green, but too wet to rake. Three Crocuses have poked through and are  standing together in a group with tiny buds atop.  Looks like they may have moved over the winter–don’t remember them being there…… Crocus bulbs actually migrate?  Chickadees are flying in and out of the little birdhouse next to the pond–taking refuge from the wind or nest building–hard to say. Will March ever give up,  or will it attach itself to April and refuse to let go.

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