Adding water to the pond


The pond has made it through the winter without freezing over, thanks to a  floating disc that generates heat and three layers of bubble wrap.  The small bubbler also gently  aerates the water and keeps the surface moving.  Adding pailfuls of hot water every other day or so at this stage aids in earlier warming and freshens the over-wintered water. There is even a living plant beneath the surface–how can this be?

The bubbler captures debris over the course of the winter and draws it into the base which then begins to be clogged, so wiping the surface and gathering the gunk clears it enough to increase the water flow.  The heater will remain until there is no danger of frost at night, but the bubble wrap can be removed to allow the sun to warm the surface.  With longer days now, there will be more warmth.

Much of the snow has disappeared and the sleet/rain today will continue the meltdown. The closer to the house the more the melting. Tiny clumps of Snowdrops are  about to bloom next to the brick walkway, and the area is begging to be swept out of debris and lightly pruned to make way for new growth.  The Hellebores and Lambs Ears need trimming and will very soon begin pushing up new shoots.  Amazing that these little earthlings seem to push up out of nowhere.  Sitting in the protection of the deck, in the afternoon sunshine, focusing on this little area only makes me want to grab my little rake and gloves and hamper and get to  work.   Hard to sit still these days.


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