March Madness

old fashioned ground with soil

Next it’s all about earth, that rich composition of soil and mulches that are filled with nutrients,  the kind of soil you can sift  through your fingers.  And organic matter and lime and peat and organic fertilizers.  And compost and manure.  It’s time to think about the process of amending the soil and figuring out how to get started.

And Tillie is already set to work on the necessary digging.  There doesn’t seem to be any available dirt/mud anywhere on the north forty;  however,  whatever there is Tillie has found it, deep in the woods, around the roots of an old tree.  And applied it vigorously to the glass patio door. Little does she know that spring is not just around the corner here, or that patience may be  required before the gardening season gets underway.  She is way ahead of me in her stages of planning and has begun executing step one of her garden plan.  So,  as well as getting started with pruning,  she’s turning over the soil and  appraising it for quality, maybe looking for worms for the Robins  we came upon several days ago.

A slew of Robins  out in an open area of the hill and looking a bit crazed and starved.  Where in heaven’s name could there possibly be even a morsel of earth worm or a tidbit of living matter that is not under deep, deep snow, and how do they deal with the bitter cold and a biting wind.  A pack of Robins always appears to be in the midst of an elusive game of  flying and hopping, and teasing tomfoolery.  Busy, busy, busy,  always busy but without an obvious purpose other than to elude.   And they remind me of the flock of Cedar Waxwings  who arrive each March to strip the Crab Apple trees of their berries.  About the same size,  too.

Perhaps, Tillie is in cahoots  with the Robins and Cedar Waxwings,  digging deeply for worms.  jumping for berries,  and feeding like a baby bird beneath the long cylindrical bird feeder.  That, or she’s found her niche  in the world of March Madness.

She is simply unaware that she is an individually animated and lovely creature in an otherwise bleak landscape.

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