March, March, March

Grape Hyacinths

Early spring hopefuls

March—–the month of waiting, waiting, and more waiting.  For the snow and ice to melt, for the ponds to thaw,  and for the winter doldrums to go away, away, away.  It’s a month for sketching out a month by month plan for a general clean-up and soil amendment, the first two of many chores for the season.  And a month to wonder about why there is such a month. It feels like training for something, but what?

Also a time for pots of Grape Hyacinth and colorful Primroses, even when they are not to be transplanted.  And lots of daydreaming time in the greenhouse.  But mostly a time for planning and making choices about what to plant and where. And looking at last year’s photos as a way of refreshing the fading memories of what was.  And looking deeply into the  flowery blooms and drinking in the  magical  nectar that is anticipation.  A way of experiencing the present moment as a way of engaging  with the future.

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