Pretty Paperwhites

Sunset is 5:06 today.  Bright light at 5p!  A very enticing time of the day to be out on a walk if it’s more than 25 degrees and calm, especially when there’s a hint of blue sky above, or better yet the soft hues of a visible sunset on the horizon.  Don’t need spring as much as a wisp of a cloud and  a pale sunset in an otherwise clear luminous blue sky.

Our walks take us up the tree lined hill about one-half mile and out on to the open road and into the sun. The road is slushy and banked on either side with depths of snow of up to 5 ‘.  Tillie spends most of our walks climbing the banks and running along the top  edges where she doesn’t necessarily sink in but can better view the landscape beyond.  Or she runs through the deep snow flying and leaping, or digging for unknown treasures.  At other times she just hauls herself up and stretches her neck for a good long look.  Tanner is happy to plod along  pushing snow with his nose.  I am happy just to be out there walking along with them,  enjoying their shenanigans and looking up at the sky.


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