Dalmatian Treasures

All decked out

My wooden Dalmatian,  an old piece of folk art, won by one of my puppies for a best in match, long ago, is sadly in need of repair. The paint is worn, the wood is rotting in places and the boxy area on top for plants and or ornamental trees is coming unnailed.  The base of the tail is rotted and loose and the whole thing threatens to fall flat on its face. But I’m pressed to see it changed just for the sake of making it into something it was never intented to be.  To keep it in its original condition and protect it from the weather preserves its original aesthetic appeal.   It was, after all, a fanciful artistic rendering meant to resemble a Dalmatian, but with imaginative license given free rein. And the small lighted tree and winter scarf extend that imaginative slant.  I guess until it falls into unrecognizable pieces I’ll leave it as it is. But I will bend over backwards to protect it from the weather and any further destruction. Lighting it every Christmas season reminds me of all those treasures over the years that so easily slip away.


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