Holiday Flower Boxes

holiday greens missing pine cones

A mixture of greens, berries, moss, pine cones, a little Juniper for the flower boxes dresses up the place for the holidays. The small lighted tree on a bed of greens in the wooden Dalmatian with a ribbon scarf–my favorite touch. Maybe a big wreath for the rocking chair–we’ll see.

A cold and cloudy day yesterday for raking the front and arranging the boxes in front of the garage–with Tillie’s help of course.  Her favorite game now is grabbing a pine cone and running off with it–and not coming back with anything recognizable. A tiny pumpkin gourd with a long stem entirely disappeared yesterday. Hoping she didn’t chew it up– much too hard. She’s standing on her tip toes at this very moment trying to reach a birdseed ball, or better yet a bird.  Bird feeders and birds are such a novelty for her–all things new and discovery everywhere. But running, running, running her little heart out, scampering like a kitten sideways across the grass and through the air like a leaf, this is her exercise charm!

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