A Whole new space

Huge open space is behind rose arbor

The gargantuan Forsythia that has exploded over the past few years, interfering with the Lilacs and Hydrangeas and the arbor is finally wrestled to the ground. That doesn’t mean it’s gone, Forsythia is never entirely gone, it’s just a system of spreading roots and now well under control. I will allow some of it to grow back in delicate sprays but will never let it take over again. Two others are well out of control but are in areas along the perimeter of the woods and are lovely in the spring, then disappear into the background afterwards. This has been haunting me for some time because I could do nothing to contain it except to hack at it every fall and spring, and  ineffectively at that. Completed projects are rare around here, and all the more satisfying, especially when they’re so back-breaking. Which leads me to a cautionary thought–one project leads to another….. and another….. and another.   And more gardening space is not what I need.


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