Coming soon to our neck of the woods

Snow and wind today as a result of an offshore hurricane. Tillie and Tanner have never seen snow or experienced this kind of cold but they must find it exhilarating. They are out tearing around with the tennis ball, playing tug and wrestling, or flying around the house.  Tillie has just brought a snowball to the door. How she made a snowball out of an inch of snow–that’s hard to figure–but leave it to Tillie.

Working each day with the invisible fence now before the snow really flies. She hears the sound as she approaches the flags and jumps back and receives a treat. At the driveway she received a correction. This is the place that I want her to be most afraid of. The more independent she gets the more tempting the driveway will be. It’s long enough that she has to think twice before venturing down it by herself, but today, for instance, we heard a dog barking out on the road and she was most interested in investigating–and barking back.

Invisible fence is wonderful because it conditions them to the world out there–the squirrels, rabbits, deer, wild turkeys and the woods in general, so that their prey drive and instincts to chase are dulled–oh those boring things–but also gives them the freedom to experience  the great beyond. They don’t have to wonder what’s on the other side of the fence and dig, dig, dig, to try and get out there. They don’t dig in the gardens either–for some reason digging loses its typical appeal. Having a great deal of wooded property without direct access or visibility to the road makes it even more ideal. It’s not for everyone–but for us it’s a perfect fit.


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