Catch them if you can


Poor glove

Today I caught them dragging Roger’s heavily  lined dungaree jacket down the hall for a good munch. There were probably treats in the pocket.  Then, later, they had his big heavy boot on the couch and were having a go at that.  Just now, it was my glove, hand knit on Nantucket and appliqued by me, and Tanner had chewed one of the finger edges off!!!   They have also been hunting for sweet potatoes in the pantry closet–and finished off one before I caught them. Yesterday, I salvaged a second one, just tooth marked.


Tanner has a gentle mouth and can pick up and carry things without making a mark. He greeted me at the door one day with an apple in his mouth, and it didn’t have a mark on it. He has also very carefully removed a meal from the insulated bag (zipped 3/4’s of the way around) in my car and lifted it into the backseat without making a mark on it!

I’m going to have to pay closer attention to what they’re up to and be more careful about closing pantry doors and putting apples out of reach.  The problem is his reach extends every time I turn around.

Crisp, perfectly clear day and long walk with Tillie and Tanner. Sun warm but blinding. The heavy killing frost got the Dahlia’s. Now to cut them back and carefully dig them, something I would never do except they were a gift in memory of Fargo and I will dry and store them for next year.  Always keeping their memories alive.


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