The Fern

Lonely Fern

Hanging baskets in the house are just a plain nuisance. Watering them means dragging them to either the sink or the bathtub and really soaking them and then waiting for them to dry out a bit. Otherwise everything along the route is dripping wet and littered with the fern’s browning leaves. I hate to just leave them out to freeze, but may have to do just that if I can’t find a pot big and tall enough to hold it up off the ground.

If I experiment and don’t have to transport the huge massive thing for watering then maybe I’ll try it. It may fade away on its own given the dry air in the living room anyway. Of the few enormous pots around for the summer, there is probably one perfect for the fern. Or the iron plant stand might work as well if there is a  larger pot to set the basket in for holding drips. House plant or annual?

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