Moody weather

October Crabapple

After the bright splash of fall, the dull, cloudy, windy Berkshire weather really sets in.  Someone must have manufactured the holidays and seasonal lights with this in mind. The sun rarely shines and the wind blows ceaselessly. I intend to decorate for the holidays early and add as many  flowering plants as I can afford. The little white lights that I picked up for a dollar a box at the Christmas tree shop on the cape will add just enough cheer  to the windows and the simple candles set in the front windows also add a glimmer of hope for the season. Some of these I keep up all winter. The little white lights are even pretty all summer draped along the deck sliders . They reflect in the glass and double the reflective light. There are always two candles in the smaller kitchen window, one set in each pane, all year long.

The larger of the two ponds has been leaking water somewhere and has had to be continuously refilled all summer. The level is down 3 ” or more now whenever I tend to it. It may require a complete overhaul in the spring. Either a new liner or an adjustment to the overflow tubing. Sometimes the splash of the waterfall allows enough water to escape that over a few days it adds up to quite a lot. There are only plants in this pond, and frogs by the dozens, but no fish to worry about, as in the smaller pond.

The small pond is now well insulated and today the heater goes in to prevent the surface from freezing. The water is perfectly clear and the 2 brightly colored fish are completely visible when they are not hiding in among the rocks and ledges.  They look healthy and should hibernate now, requiring no food–only clean water. My challenge is to give them a few pails of warm water each week just to keep everything clear and fresh and infuse air into the water. The bubbler continues to add O2 to the water over the winter. This entails removing snow and ice from the cover pretty regularly or it freezes solidly in place. There is always a small open area where the cover is folded back where I can see the water  from the dining room  slider, and at night the pond light illuminates everything so that I can keep an eye on the surface. The water should always ripple and move and reflect light.


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