Once Tanner and Tillie discovered the cucumbers in the garden, they have been determined to get at them through the wire mesh around the compost heap. There has been no stopping their continued team effort. They try to dig underneath on all sides or poke their noses through the holes in the wire to get the cucumbers to move toward them–and this works! Tanner even has a skinned nose to show for it. At first he was able to climb up on a boulder and jump in!!! But we covered the top. Next he tried to move the cover. Then he tried to remove the cover. Now with boards all around and deer netting over the entire area he is finally convinced that digging is better in the pitched compost pile which is well-rotted, but with a veggie tidbit surprise now and again.


Tanner also took the pot roast out of the sink today and carried it over to the other side of the room, without piercing the plastic wrapping. He and Tillie were about to dig in when I caught them. Then, when I put it in the oven for safe keeping and went to fold laundry, he pulled the warming drawer below the oven door all the way out. Don’t know how he did this but someone has taught him some pretty sneaky tricks.  Later, I found him with my new jacket, trying to eat the treats out of the pocket, an old and familiar Dal trick. Guess it’s October and nearing halloween. Tanner loves trick or treat!


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