Seasonal shifts

Tilling growing

It’s consistently colder now and windy–the pond is covered to prevent pine needles from piling up on the surface, and I’m feeding the fish more infrequently, thinking that soon the water will not even reach 60 degrees. Once the temp is down, the fish hibernate.

It’s pretty much peak now and the people traffic in town is also about peak–it’s colorful but in a sporadic way– not enough rain to keep some of the leaves alive long enough to turn. Turning my thoughts toward Thanksgiving plans and cheering myself up for the holidays, which once upon us, seem to arrive out of nowhere–and so suddenly.

Tillie also seems to sense the shift and has quieted or matured–now at  3 1/2 months. She has moments of absolute quite now even when she’s not sleeping and looks as though she’s thinking serious thoughts of consequence. The gas fireplace is set to light automatically when the temp falls below 67 in the kitchen and her favorite place is the orthopedic dog bed lying at its foot–which exaggerates her littleness. She can still stand under Tanner and poke her head out from between his two front legs so that when the door opens she can be first to the kitchen counter where the treats are given out.

Amazing to think that neither Tillie nor Tanner has ever experienced fall or winter in the northeast–Tanner was a deep southerner for the first few years of his life, and tillie has known only the heat of summer.  Flying leaves, pine cones, rotting apples along the roadside to chase and carry, cold and bitter wind, and snow and all for the first time.

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