Playing dogs

playing tug

Tanner and Tillie have been playing in the sunshine all morning and wearing each other out. Now that Tanner understands the concept of tugging and wrestling as play, he is a dog with boundless energy and confidence. He even approaches strangers with a newfound air of friendliness and buoyancy. All this from observing Tillie doing what Tillie does naturally. There is a quality of competition there as well–since so many people are so drawn to her puppyness, and oohh and aahh at her, and he wants to be in the midst of all this enthusiasm.  Now suddenly, I’m one of them and he tries to include me in their frenetic mouthing and tossing and wrestling–ouch!!!


Tillie seems to be house-broken at last. I consider them house-broken when they go to the door to be let out or have an accident on the way to the door. Carrying her through the door to the same spot every two hours doesn’t count–it’s just reinforcement of desired behavior and a teaching tool.  Everything is about routines and repetition.

Making a cake today–of the organic boxed variety–I have a rare craving for cake and ice cream. Also going to try a new recipe of Abby’s that includes slices of tomato, zuchinni, and potatoes arranged in a circular, shingled pattern over a thick layer of sauteed sliced onions with some finely chopped garlic, and baked with grated gruyere cheese on top. It’s simple and much different from anything I’ve ever tried before and just sounds so delicious I can hardly stand it. My mother used to saute onions like that to go with steak and or a variety of dishes–yummy! The recipe comes from “Barefoot in Paris,” another wonderful Ina Garten cookbook.

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