Wrapping things up


Drying Hydrangeas


Trying to wrap things up in the garden over the next few weeks. Deadheading, pruning, mulching and protecting the more sensitive shrubs from severe cold and hungry deer, emptying and scrubbing down pots for indoor use, moving indoor plants back inside to adjust to house heat, transplanting some of my succulents to pots for wintering over indoors, and putting out pumpkins along with the mums. Transitioning to fall and winter window and flower boxes.

Today, cleaning pots and dumping old annuals. Sweeping and cleaning the decks. The sun is warm and bright but doesn’t begin to warm me like the summer sun does. There’s a whole different feel to the air, not windy exactly but with chilly breezes.  Keeping the fish pond clean and clear with constant water changes before the hoses are shut down and slowly removing browning Water Lettuces, but adding more Barley Pillows. Amazing how distinct this is. Though it’s much colder, in the 50’s,  there’s been no frost at night yet.

Greeting the changes with a forward looking and different set of expectations and  activities. Watching the Bitter Sweet mature along our walking route and roadways and thinking of greens and Holly and berries for the window boxes.  The huge Paniculata Hydrangeas on the kitchen table are a reminder of what gardening is all about–those beautifully mature and drying petals of the most subtle hues of green and pink, fading to soft creams–and perfectly preserved too boot.

Transitions are hard– but the hard work eases the way.


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