Tanner learns to Wrestle

Tanner and Tillie

Tanner rolls in the grass on his back and Tillie teaches him to wrestle–all submissiveness and soft mouth. She jumps back and forth across his chest and chews on his ears and mouth. He’s reliving his puppyhood. To think he could have  grown to be 5 or 6 years old and have missed this integral part of his development. He seems not to have played tug either, a game puppies learn practically before they are strong enough to stand.  Then they chase and run circles round each other….. and look out!! Tanner is an exceedingly strong, stocky dog, built like a mac truck, and Tillie isn’t 15 lbs yet….but he’s careful not to trample her. This is just the exercise Tanner needs to slim down. He will chase his green squeaky tennis ball  if it flys through the air but would just as soon lie down and chew it. With Tillie, he can hardly contain himself– now that he knows how to wrestle.


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