Rain, rain, rain


Tanner and Tillie--garden thieves

Feels just like October! Pouring down rain, thick cloud cover and  brightening leaves over head. A few days like this and the grass may recover. Happy days!   Makes house -breaking Tillie pretty trying though. We’re going to be pretty wet before the week is out. Darkness is looming earlier and earlier now, making our evening walks all the more difficult.

There’s plenty of pond work to do in preparation for the coming hard freezes. Bubble wrap works really well in layers with the bubbler going all winter and the floating heater, designed to keep the surface from freezing solid. This has worked for many years even in the severest, most bitter cold. Fresh water added frequently keeps the fish healthy and happy. Once the hose is put away it means carrying warm water out in buckets, reminiscent of old fish tank days. But in the middle of winter it’s uplifting to be able to do anything outside except to shovel snow.

Because I found Tillie out in the garden eating cherry tomatoes and then shortly afterwards Tanner and Tillie playing tug with a cucumber, I dismantled the garden, which was pretty much going to seed anyway.  The tomatoes lose their color and flavor and the last of the smaller cucumbers are safely in the fridge. Everything but the Nasturtium, which is still growing madly,  got carted away to the compost heap.

Buckets of rain, scattering leaves and blankets of pine needles. All the gathering scents of autumn are afoot.


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