Everything lazy


Water lettuce with frog


Lazy day and lots of watering–washing down windows and decks–so much accumulation of leaf and pine needle debris and dried out webs.  Having to refill ponds and birdbaths everyday –the air is sooo dry. The Lilac leaves are withering up and dying unnaturally, the grass is drying and annuals and perennials are wilting. Watering is great psychotherapy. It brings about good thoughts. Thinking cheerful thoughts about places where we might go for short visits, beyond our Christmas trip to Wash DC. –just to get my juices flowing. The hose works wonders for daydreaming and for everything thirsty..  Just thinking about watering inspires me. And it’s such a productive exercise. Not the trips as much as the mental leaps it takes to get there–although I would love to get there.

In fact, everything about gardening is mentally stimulating, digging, watering, weeding, mulching, and planting. Gardening wards off the blues and everything lazy. There is the same boost from cleaning or painting projects or watching the dogs wrestle, and the same mental escape. It’s a form of travel. Transporting myself from here to everywhere.

Places I would love to go include Sante Fe, the South Carolina/Georgia coast, any Caribbean island in January, and Europe in the spring. And the National Gallery and Botanical gardens for Christmas. It all feels so exciting and I’m just standing here, holding the hose. Just as lazy as ever,  but with water water everywhere and feeling better every minute.

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