Flirting with fall

The most striking colors of the day are the Impatiens on our deck. So vivid and intense and I must say the choicest of all the colors. The most intense hot pinks, deep purples and violets–and at their height in late September. Their colors cannot be reproduced on film–picture after picture in all kinds of light do not capture the depth of color.  To think that in only days they will all be gone……… although you would never know it to look at them today. Feels like 85 or more along with blue skies and sunshine. This and a full Harvest moon and Jupiter tracking together across the evening sky. Another summer flirting with fall.

Hints of color are appearing on the trees in the few days that I was away on the cape, and there’s a crackle of dryness in the air and the crunch of dry leaves underfoot. If the leaves dry out too fast, I guess they go directly to crunch and drop off, and there’s a  lot of that. There’s been so little rain that even the Maple and Birch leaves are showing severe dehydration.  It may not be the best fall for color but here it is.

Tillie at 11 weeks is at the perfect age for catching and chasing falling leaves as if they are falling just for her. Our little sweetness is as outgoing and affectionate as can be and perfect beyond measure. Finally, Tanner has a tiny companion who adores him, and who wants so badly to play with him that she can hardly contain herself. Big adjustments for Tanner who has had our undivided attention since he arrived to us in May and is now playing second fiddle to a little doll. Little does he know that he is just a big doll, and that nothing has really changed–just the weather and a few falling leaves, and little by little we won’t know the difference, we will forget that it was ever summer, or that we were ever without Tillie.

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