Rescuing one another

At Nauset Light beach, just as we were leaving, we met Daisy, a northeast rescue Dal, who has been with her owners, a lovely couple from the Boston area,  for only a week. Daisy is 2 1/2 years old and 10 lbs underweight.  She has had two litters of puppies because of owner ignorance and negligence. What a pity!


How lucky we are

So sad to see an animal practically starved to death and so afraid of life.

This is heartwarming beyond measure–you can see such gratitude on their faces. Whenever I look at Tanner this is what I see–He looks so grateful to be near me. It’s all about expression–the vulnerability and transparency. These dogs know what it’s like to have no companionship whatsoever–to be abandoned and left entirely on their own.

The couple with Daisy were in awe of Tanner and so pleased to strike up such a warm friendship with me. How dear they were! I wonder sometimes who is rescuing who. There is so much tender recognition between us.

Today is 9/11. I hate this. Why do people put up pictures of this horrible event on facebook and elsewhere. This does not honor the victims or give comfort to the survivors at all, it just pays tribute to the horror. Who could forget–like any of us need reminding of that horror with pictures.  I try to remember and think only of the monstrous individual loss of life and the survivors who suffer not just today but everyday.   Unfortunately today is all about the media and self-importance. Tomorrow is the day to remember, when everyone else has forgotten.

Today I embrace everything about my life, and especially Tanner.


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