Running on the flats


Tanner at Nauset Light

At low tide Tanner galloped wildly with Wendy and I almost to Truro. The sand flats and tidal pools are only briefly visible at low tide, and when the tide reverses it happens suddenly and with great speed. The pools of water fill rapidly and the current increases in strength as the pools fill.

But there is a good hour or more of perfect low tide.  A herding-mix male joined Tanner out on the flats for a wild play fest as we were heading back to shore and they sparred and rolled and threw each other to the ground, running and galloping with frightening speed. We had to move quickly out of their way as they headed toward us and were lucky not to have been bowled over.. They ran through the tidal pools and splashed and leapt with a flourish, enjoying every wonderful sensation of sand and water. Tanner, though bigger and more muscular, took the submissive roll in their play, sometimes scooting along on his belly or rolling on his back, a surprise given his size.

Every evening tanner had a walk on the beach, and depending on the beach a run off- leash. Chasing or carrying the tennis ball is a favorite and was the perfect introduction to the water when the tide was lower and the waves less menacing. Just before the hurricane there was a lull where the  shallow warm water invited him in to grab his ball and run.  It doesn’t get any better!!

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