September………..the beginning of the end……… love it and hate it.

An irresistible time of year.  Working in the garden and trying to mentally prepare for our trip on Thursday. A plan is a beginning, otherwise total disorganization ensues. What clothes?  what gear for Tanner, for reading and puzzles and snacks in the car. More of the ” Girl” trilogy  and a trip to Barnes and Noble just for browsing. Shopping for those gaudy super-shiny baubles for the birdbath, and the best garden center and greenhouse. Super delectable food, too.

While spreading mulch, a neighbor’s dog barked out on the street somewhere near our driveway and Tanner stood at attention but stayed while I shouted out sit, sit, sit. He was tempted, I could see, but resisted and finally lay back down until we came in. Good boy, Tanner!  Then, after practicing long downs in the kitchen, with coffee in process, he jumped up and grabbed one-half of the muffin I was planning for my late afternoon  snack,  gobbling it down. Thankfully it was a huge co-op muffin cut in half–half for me and half for him. Not so good.

Went swimming at the local college this afternoon while the community center pool is being cleaned and repainted, as it is every September.  Swimming here is my idea of  bliss–five lanes, no kids, a darker atmosphere, and it seems so much cleaner and more peaceful. The water even feels more silky!!!  Can’t afford it routinely though, unfortunately, except on occasion.  Makes it all the more irresistible.  Like Tanner, the “girl” trilogy,  the cape, and all of the seafood delicacies that I rarely have. Ahhhhh September, the last of the best.

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